About product warranties:

Damas y/o Damasimport is a distributor of circus elements and other products. They are not products of their own manufacture, so, the guarantees of products strictly correspond to those offered by manufacturers either in Argentina or abroad. The guarantees cover only material failures. It does not cover shipping costs either for sending the products or returning them to the customer. The payment is entirely at the customers

It is for the manufacturer to determine if the product is under warranty for material failure or the problem has been of misuse or other accident. In this case the product will be repair with cost. The quotation will be informed and should be pre-paid.

If you are not satisfied with the purchased product, you may change it within the first 7 days of purchase. The product is always accepted though in the same conditions in which they have been purchased, ie "Brand New" – Mid that no money will be refund by you may change de product.

About Shipments:

Damas y/o Damasimport do not deliver products by itself. If the customer needs shipment, we offer shipment by OCA, the Argentine Mail (in Argentina) or other means of transportation that is convenient for the customer; by International Courier for overseas delivery. The period of time the shipment may take, delays that may exist or any difficulties that arise after OCA, the Argentine Mail or any other means of transport have received the shipment is their full responsibility.

Damas y/o Damasimport has no decision over another company. However, Damas y/o Damasimport is committed to making the best possible management to solve any problem that may arise with shipping.

Damas y/o Damasimport is not responsible for the increase in transport fares as OCA, the Correo Argentino or other means that may be produce at any time and without previous notice.

The cost of shipping is always paid by the customer. The customer that buys from us and accepts the shipments also accepts the working conditions of those companies.

The customer can always choose to send their own commission of confidence to remove the goods from our showroom.

About Privacy.

Damas y/o Damasimport do not share, sell or transfer any of your data to third parties, except in some cases where such data are required for transport services and in full knowledge of our customers.

We do not store your payment details.

Damas and/or Damasimport is not responsible for the content, information collected by external websites messages posted on our website or social networking sites.

Limited responsibility and liability in the use of articles (Legal disclaimer)

Damas and / or Damasimport do not sell fire props for children under 18. If you are under 18, should have bought these products under adult supervision and should continue under adult supervision at all times to use them.

Damas and / or Damasimport also sells juggling objects such as knives, throwing knives, whips and clubs among others. These items are sold as strictly circus and not as weapons and should only be used in accordance with safety instructions. These items are not for sale to children under 18 years.

Damas and / or Damasimport is selling a wide range of equipment for aerial circus, balancing and acrobatics. Strict security measures must be respected when such equipment is used. For more information about security in aerobatics see "Frequently Asked Questions"

Due to the nature of some of the supplied, Damas and / or Damasimport and all persons associated organizations and teams do not accept any responsibility or liability for any injury, accident or death caused by any of the products supplied. It is the responsibility of the interpreter to take the necessary precautions and minimize hazards.

The uses of the products are at your own risk.

All instruments for fire, flight instruments, equipment balance, skill and other equipment, potentially dangerous provided by Damas and / or Damasimport, are specifically designed only for professional artists. It requires a high level of competition with his instrument. Proper training is essential for air and highly recommended for fire and other objects of circus acrobatics, and the use of books and training videos is recommended

It is your responsibility to take out insurance to third parties before making a performance with fire or aerial equipment. Ladies strongly recommends all users have appropriate insurance.

About the information provided on our website and social networks

Damas and / or Damasimport makes the best effort to maintain the accuracy of descriptions and images of products and prices, though we cannot make us responsible for any mistake or omissions that may occur in relation to what has been published. We believe that the information provided is the most accurate possible and as close to reality although there may be some difference between the products of the same class. Please note that we will always be willing to cooperate to answer any questions you might have. Therefore all actions performed by users with products purchased on the website are at your own risk and responsibility.

About copywrite

All the material in our website has copywrite. And is prohibited its reproduction or copy.

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